and yet…

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

and yet...

For the moment, I am lost.

Dragging along, across time,
no destination, no map, no plan…
where to from now?
There is only forward from here.

Yet… and yet, my heart resides not with me now, but with my self I left behind,
staring at the sky,
from afternoon to dusk, to dawn.

My mind dreams away, chasing after my heart, as my body only knows to go forward,
as an attempt
to return.

  1. I Know says:

    Stardust is just dust in the wrong hands. It can be used to glimmer hope into the night skies, and it can be a billion pieces of the future held together by your cupped hands. That being said… never let the future slide between your fingers.

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