and yet...

For the moment, I am lost.

Dragging along, across time,
no destination, no map, no plan…
where to from now?
There is only forward from here.

Yet… and yet, my heart resides not with me now, but with my self I left behind,
staring at the sky,
from afternoon to dusk, to dawn.

My mind dreams away, chasing after my heart, as my body only knows to go forward,
as an attempt
to return.


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and yet…

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… to have it all,
but to want everything.


What is this
that makes us susceptible to a different kind of desperation,
stealing our breath,
imperceptibly . . .

Nothing has changed.

What is true remains the same.

Don’t forget to remember,
remember to not forget,
remember not to forget,
and forget what you don’t remember.


But now, where to?

Backward, backward, to find the only thing that ever mattered.

It was lost along the way looking for the future, and I ran with it,
forward, forward,
and now, where to?
Beforeward, foreverward.

There was no past.
There was no future.